Quality is key. In reviewing our past performance, new customers will notice a common denominator – overall quality and on-time delivery customer approval ratings that range from 96%-98%. These ratings are a strong indication of Adcour’s extraordinary focus on both customer service and QC, and a testament to the strength of our in-place quality management systems (QMS) and processes.  

Adcour believes strongly in proper testing and quality control, and operates its production facility under the auspices of our in-place QMS manual. This manual is designed to establish the specific operational controls necessary to manufacture and support the high level of quality we demand for our products and services. Our QMS manual provides the foundation for a standards driven system of processes that adheres to ISO9001:2015 and AS9100C requirements.


Rigorous data collection of in-process and final testing is critical to our internal auditing process.  All assemblies are subject to OCV and pulse load testing. Product can be serialized and full test data to corresponding serial number can be provided with each shipment. Tight control of cell date code is also maintained. For primary chemistries, Adcour endeavors to ensure that no more than 4 month-old cells are consumed in our assemblies. For rechargable chemistries Adcour maintains a recharge schedule based on self discharge rates as published by the cell manufacturer. 


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